Tree to Table

At Rani, we simply do one thing—make delicious and lip-smacking fruit juices that families love. No frills. No gimmicks. Just great taste from a brand that has become synonymous with class, quality, freshness and good taste. Hydrate yourself with flavorsome and enriching juice, and have a lovely day!


All fruit juices that are prepared under FRUIT EDGE & FRUIT LAYS have their own unique exclusivity. Growing, and hand-picking fruits from our farms, and trusted vendors means we own, endorse, and practice some of the highest agricultural standards in the world. The consistency in tastes and flavors comes from the finest cultivation, and juice-processing practices, be it our secret knowledge of amalgamation of flavoring, using state-of-the-art production techniques, and beyond.

Commitment to Work

Our long-lasting commitment to producing top-quality fruit juice defines our character, passion and style. we never make compromises on our juice quality, which is why our brand ‘Rani’ has become synonymous with class, quality, best-tasting all-natural juice. Every year, we grow fruits at our own dedicated farms, and only buy excess amount of required volume of fruits from our trusted fruit vendors to meet our juice orders and demands. We adhere to industry best production practices, and work with full zeal and conviction to produce highly-nutritious, delicious juice.

Picked at the Peak Season

Our flavorsome and enriching juices are all harvested, and hand-selected at their peak season, which ultimately drives pure goodness and flavor. We have dedicated teams of established agriculturists and harvesters who make sure that fruits are plucked, and picked at their ideal time.

Effective Logistics

At Rani, we have an effective logistic network and our team has a stellar track record of logistic, and distribution success. Once done picking, the fruits are seamlessly delivered to our production facilities in both Hattar and Rahim Yar Khan via effective logistic support. Only the fruits that meet our standards pass through the production line for consistent quality and flavor. The unique tastes of our juices bear testimony to the fact that we believe in absolute class and quality, and care nothing else, but the best!

Highest Safety & Health Standards

Our success heavily relies on our health-first and safety-always approach. Once squeezed and extracted, the fresh, entirely-pure concentrated juice, pulp and grove acquired from the fruits are all flash pasteurized to ensure nutrition and flavor. This process makes our juices to taste delicious and enriching for every age group all year-round.

The Perfect Juice Mixes

The fruit juices, predominantly produced under the brands of FRUIT EDGE & FRUIT LAYS are all consistent, and best-tasting juices. Our laboratory experts, and juice connoisseurs work round-the-clock to ensure consistency in tastes and flavors. They also come up with all new recipes and exciting flavors of juices on and off to drive our potential and privileged consumers stay emotionally connected with the brand, in terms of both utility and value.

Value for Money

The juices we make have high nutritional value and provide relevant nutrients that are must for a body. Keeping in mind your health, wealth, and well-being, our juices provide required carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, sugar, minerals etc. to fuel your body with necessary nutritional values. After a well-thought-out deliberation, and well-established production knowledge, we take great pride in producing juices that have amazing nutrition facts, which ultimately helps us make your every penny spent on buying our juices count.